Tackle Twill FAQ

Tackle Twill FAQ

1. What is Poly-Twill or Tackle-Twill? 
There is no difference today.  The product use for the last 10 years is a polyester product but the common name use on sports uniforms is still called “Tackle Twill” as the application.  The material is the fabric that is used on most Professional Ball Uniforms. It is made of 100% polyester twill material with or without a thermal adhesive backing, for a high quality, very tough durability product made for team logos and numbers as well as player names.  These logos and such can be cut and sewn on player jerseys in complimentary colors, 1 to 3 colors per letter and numbers.  These items must be sewn to prevent fraying.  Poly Twill comes in 54 colors in bulk yardage. It is color fast and does not shrink.  This material used on uniforms can be an investment up front, but it is extremely long lasting and on good jerseys will last 3 or more seasons of use.

2. Can my design or artwork be used with this material? 
Yes.  As with any artwork, the design must be converted to software, so the computer driven cutter will cut it out. There is a set-up charge for this.  This is a one time charge per size and color.  When our cutter cuts your design, it also creates a sew disk so the design can be attached to the uniform with the embroidery machine, for a truly professional look.  This also allows us to duplicate your design at a later date, if needed.

3. How do you cut this bulk yardage?
There are some people that cut with scissors or razor knife, but the outside lines don’t stay as straight and crisp as a laser or flat bed cutter, especially if you are doing more than just one.  We use a computer driven flat bed cutter designed for this.

4. Can I order my items from National Distributors? 
Usually not, if you are an individual person, company or team.  If you are a wholesaler and you have an account set up, yes you can.  Keep in mind, most national distributors want at least 5 or more units per size and color at a minimum and a higher per piece price,  and there is that freight to consider.  For the designs, you will also need to order a sew disk for attaching then to your uniforms,  unless you sew them by hand.  You then need to wait until it’s delivered, usually 3-7 days, in order to start working on your order.  Hopefully, you don’t need any changes or just 1 more and the colors will match.

5.  Do I have to buy my uniform from you?
No, we would appreciate the business, but you can bring any uniforms to be sewn.  There are some basic criteria for us to sew your items.  A. The items must be clean and in good repair.  B.  If we sew your uniform and something happens beyond our control during the process. We can’t replace your uniform.   We will replace the sewing, if you bring in another like item.

6.  How are prices figured for sewing Tackle Twill?
After the initial set-up charge for the design set-up, we establish together the size of design you wish to show on the uniforms.  A. Do you want a full front logo, or left / right chest design?  Adult or youth size?  B.  Does the jersey need a split front and / or tail under the logo?  C. How many colors?  D. What size player numbers and where located, front or back or both?  E.  Do you want player names on back?  Deciding these questions, we will be able to give you a written quote before proceeding.

7. Does the artwork belong to me?
Any new created artwork is a SERVICE and does stay with our company.  If you feel you would like a copy for “safe” keeping, we can arrange that for a disk copy charge.  Remember, you can’t open the disk without the proper software.  If you bring in existing artwork that does not need redesigning or changes, the artwork stays with you.

8. Can anyone else use my artwork and how is it saved?
Absolutely not!  It’s your artwork and it is protected.  You must notify us in writing for someone else to have access to use it.  We have back-ups on the computer and copies are kept off-site for security.