Heat Press FAQ

1. What is Vinyl Heat Press? 
It is a special graphics type vinyl that has adhesive backing, which becomes very sticky once heated under high heat presses (320 to 350 degrees).  Once cooled, and correctly applied, it won’t fade, peel, or scratch easily.  The product has excellent opacity, and reduces dye migration.  In the unheated stage, one can cut designs, shapes and lettering to be applied to clothing, nylon and even leather.  To cut the material into any shape, you should use a friction roll cutter or a flat bed cutter for professional results and sharp detail.

2. Can I wash and dry this product? 
Yes, machine wash, use warm or cold water, using mild detergent.  Do NOT use BLEACH!  Note: There is bleach in some modern detergents, so do not use them on this product.  In the dryer use the tumble cycle on low.  Some people suggest that the items do better, if you turn them inside out in the dryer.  It saves wear and tear on the vinyl surfaces. Do not iron directly onto the vinyl.  Put a cloth over the vinyl, IF you have to iron.

3. Are all heat press vinyls the same for every material? 
No.  We use key manufactures who offer 20 different types of vinyl products, each made for specific applications and specific type of fabrics.  Each of these different types of vinyl comes in a limited variety of colors.  We try to carry vinyl products and colors based on demand, otherwise we can order what you need.  Note:  This vinyl is not the same as sign, sticker or banner vinyl.

4. When should I use Vinyl instead of Screen Print Ink? 
Both applications need computer separated artwork to be created, but the set-up is different in each case.  A.  Vinyl is cut out of the colors available in the specific application.  The colors are set by the manufactures and can’t be altered by shading, mixing or matching PMS color charts.  You get what is available.  B. Vinyl is less expensive in the initial set-up because there are no screens to make.  This is great for smaller runs, like 1-12 or less.  C. Certain applications, like player names and numbers can be added to uniforms or t-shirts quicker and less expensive than screen printing. Personalizing t-shirts for family reunions also cuts the cost and saves time.

5.  What happens if for some reason a letter or number starts to peel off the garment?
 It’s unlikely this will happen if the vinyl is applied correctly.  Bring the item back to us for evaluation.  If it needs to be reattached because of product failure, we would be happy to reattach it,  NO CHARGE!