Digitizing / Artwork Services

Embroidery sewing MUST have a digitized software design (dst. file) for the embroidery machine to work.

We offer experienced Custom Digitizing for any design or logo you wish to add to your garments.  If you have had embroidery done in the past and have a software copy of the digitized disk, we should be able to use it and save you the digitizing charge.  If not, and you need this service done, send us a copy of your file .ai, .jpg, or .dst and we can give you a quote based on the size, and number of stitches, and difficulty of your design.

We also have over 5000 different pre-digitized designs and many fonts (alphabets) from which you can choose, saving the cost of digitizing from scratch.

We are happy to Quote the cost of your digitized design prior to any order. 

If you have addition questions please contact us by e-mail or phone number.
Your Artwork and Designs are protected and confidential!

cindy@bobbinsandcrewsew.com / jim@bobbinsandcrewsew.com

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