Business Cards / Printing Information


Qualities you should consider before buying.

1.   The paper weight of the card:

Firm Card Stock:  (10pt. – 12pt. – 14pt. – 16pt.)  ( 80lb. – 100 lb. – 104 lb. -106 lb. card stock)

Using firm card stock that is thicker feels more substantial and lends visual weight to your business card.  This firm, heavy weight paper signifies importance and seriousness in your card and in turn your business.

Printing on firm card stock.  Thicker papers hold up well with heavy ink coverage used for bold typefaces and images.  Industrial printers handle thicker papers better than desktop printers do.  Printing on the proper card stock paper creates a quality look that shows you mean business.

Reading from firm card stock.  Reading text and viewing images created on firm card stock creates visual satisfaction, especially when good ink absorbs into quality card stock paper.

Handling firm card stock. Presenting your contact with a firm business card creates a valuable and lasting image for your business.

Flimsy Card Stock:  (8pt. – 9pt. ) (60 lb. – 65 lb. card stock)

Using flimsy card stock paper that is thin, cheapens not only the business card but also the business image you may be seeking.  Flimsy weight paper signifies how little you care about your customers.  The cheaper cost gives the customer the same first impression image as a cheaper company.  Is this savings of a few dollars worth it?

2.  Printing Paper Finishes:

Premium Bright White 80 lb.                                                 Various Colored Linens, Laids, Cotes,

Bright White Linen  80 lb.                                                       Tones and Parchments    80 lb.

Heavyweight Bright White 100 lb.                                         Rounded Corners / Custom shapes

Bright White Linen  100 lb.                                                     Plastic (not paper) 20pt.

White Hi-Gloss 12pt.

White 100% PCW. 100 lb. (Post Consumer Waste)

3.  Printing Ink Finishes:

*Thrif-T-Card     Raised Black Ink,  1 standard color only, or Black Text and 1 standard color logo.

( must conform to 10 preset standard set-ups)     Least expensive printed card.

*Printed Ink                                                            *Spot Color (Single color)

*Raised Ink Printing                                              *CMYK Colors (Full Color)

*Foil                                                                          *Digital Printing (Smaller Runs – 50 to 2500 pcs.)

*Embossing (heat and pressure to create 3-D effect)

*UV coating (slick, shiny finish, cannot write on it)

4.  Artwork Files:

Files Types Accepted.

PDF.    EPS.    TIF.

5.  Ordering Quantities:

250/ea…500/ea…1000/ea…2000/ea and up

(the larger quantity…the lower the piece price!)