Embroidery FAQ

1.    What is Embroidery?
This is the sewing process of placing your designs. logos, names, etc. in stitches to an existing garment, hat, shirt, jacket, towel, blanket, to name a few.  This is done by a computer driven embroidery machine.

2.  How is my design converted into the sewing process?
This is done by software which is called Digitizing.  This is not the same as digital artwork!  Digitizing software converts your design into software that the embroidery machine understands, by shapes and colors.  It also tells us how many stitches, based on the size and location, that need to be sewn.

3.  Can anyone do the Digitizing?  
As long as they owned a software program and have some experience using it, they can.Not all companies digitize the same way, and that makes a difference how the design is sewn out. Questions like, can your design be used on hat fronts as well as shirts?  There is a reason why there are many companies and individuals offering different rates for this service.  The internet is teaming with
offers of different prices and quick turn-around, all over the U.S. and overseas.  In most cases, you will get what you pay for.  Questions to ask...
What happens if there are corrections or changes?  What if their digitizing does not work with the machine that will sew it out?  Will the same person continue to work on your design until it's acceptable and not add more charges for it?  Your finished logo needs to be perfect! You should deal with a company that is actually going to sew your logo out and the digitizing works with their machines and your garments.
Remember, this is your logo and you want it to sew the same each time.

4.  How are prices figured for digitizing? 
Most prices are based on the number of stitches in the design. This is a one time charge as long as the sizing doesn't change, such as a left chest size needing to go to a full back size.  We would have to add more stitches to make the design larger.  Some designs are more complicated and pricing is based on time and size.  You will be given a Quote, prior to placing an order.

5.  Does the Digitizing Artwork belong to me?  The digitizing artwork is a SERVICE and does stay with our company.  If you feel you would like a copy for safe keeping, we can arrange that, for a disk charge.  Remember, you can't open the disk without the digitizing software.

6.  How are prices figured for sewing?
 Once we know how many stitches are in the design, from the digitizing, then we can Quote based on the
size, time, and number of pieces, and what we are sewing on.  You will be given a Quote, prior to placing an order.

7.  Can anyone else use my artwork and how is it saved?
 Absolutely not!  It's your artwork, once it's paid for, and it is protected. You must notify us in writing for someone else to have access to use it.

8. Are there limitations on number of colors in my design?
No, as long as the color thread is available, you can have as many as you like. You can change colors at any time.  Please remember, we work with thread colors and not ink colors, so there might be slight shades differences. We are happy to show you sample colors by a thread chart.  We carry many colors in stock, but if you need a "special" color, there may be a spool charge because of it not being a stock color.
9.  How long can I expect the sewing to last? 
Normally, the embroidery will last longer than the garment.  What would affect the wear life is
abrasion against the design.  The thread used is 100% polyester, great for color fastness and wearability.  Metallic thread will not last as long, due to the metal flaking weakens the thread itself.

10. Do I have to buy my garments from you?
No. You can bring in whatever you would like to have sewn.  There are some basic criteria for us to sew your items.
A. The item must be CLEAN and in good repair.
B. The item must be able to be sewn, and be of good quality, enough to hold stitches.
C.  If we sew your garment and something happens during the process,
We will replace the sewing, if you bring in another like item.

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